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Hastings Pirates Day

July 20 July 21

Hastings Pirates Day

Hastings Pirates Day is a vibrant and exhilarating event that transforms the historic seaside town of Hastings, UK, into a swashbuckling haven of piratical adventures.


This annual extravaganza, held every summer, draws crowds of enthusiastic buccaneers, families, and history enthusiasts alike, all eager to immerse themselves in a day of high-seas fun.


The heart of Hastings Pirates Day lies in the spirited dress code. The town is overrun with pirates of all ages, decked out in eye patches, tricorn hats, billowing shirts, and jangling belts. The atmosphere is electric with the echoes of “Arrr!” and the clank of cutlasses, as locals and visitors alike embrace their inner swashbuckler.


Throughout the day, the town is transformed into a bustling pirate haven. Stalls line the streets, offering everything from trinkets and costumes to delectable pirate-themed treats. Families can engage in a treasure hunt, solving riddles and clues scattered around the town in pursuit of hidden booty.


Hastings Pirates Day is not only a celebration of maritime history but also a testament to the enduring appeal of swashbuckling adventure. It brings together the community and visitors in a shared love for high-seas escapades, creating memories that will last a lifetime. For both young and old, Hastings Pirates Day is a day to let go of reality and embrace the spirit of piracy in all its thrilling glory.


July 20
July 21


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