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Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival

September 14 September 15

Seafood And Wine Festival

Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival is an annual celebration of coastal culture, culinary delights, and the art of winemaking. Nestled along the picturesque shores of Hastings, a historic fishing town on the southern coast of England, this event has become a beloved tradition for locals and a magnet for visitors from far and wide.


The festival, typically held in September, transforms the seafront into a vibrant hub of gastronomic exploration. The salty sea breeze mingles with the inviting aroma of freshly grilled seafood, creating an atmosphere that is both invigorating and appetizing. A kaleidoscope of stalls line the promenade, showcasing an array of delectable treats ranging from succulent oysters to plump prawns and flaky fish caught just off the coast.


What sets the Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival apart is its harmonious marriage of seafood with an exquisite selection of wines. Local vineyards, as well as renowned winemakers from across the region, converge to offer an impressive array of vintages. The carefully curated pairings enhance the flavour’s of the ocean’s bounty, creating a symphony on the palate that is nothing short of sublime. 


Beyond the culinary extravaganza, the festival boasts a lively program of entertainment and activities. Live music fills the air, providing a festive soundtrack to the revelry. Artisans and craftspeople display their wares, showcasing a diverse range of handcrafted treasures inspired by the sea. Children and adults alike can partake in cooking demonstrations, wine-tasting workshops, and even crabbing competitions, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy, making this an unmissable event.


The Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival is a paid-for event.


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