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Rye Scallop Week

Rye Bay Scallop Week is a culinary celebration that takes place annually in the picturesque coastal town of Rye, East Sussex, England. This event, which typically spans over a week, pays homage to one of the region’s most prized treasures the succulent Rye Bay scallop.


The festivities revolve around the delectable mollusc, known for its sweet, tender flesh and distinctive fan-shaped shell. Local fishermen harvest these scallops from the nutrient-rich waters of Rye Bay, ensuring their freshness and superior quality. The event provides a platform for the community to showcase the bounty of the sea and promote sustainable fishing practices.


Throughout the week, Rye’s restaurants, cafes, and eateries come together to offer a diverse array of scallop-inspired dishes. Chefs get creative, infusing traditional recipes with innovative twists, highlighting the versatility of this seafood delicacy. From classic scallop ceviche to indulgent scallop and chorizo risotto, the menu options are as diverse as they are mouth watering.


Visitors flock to Rye Bay Scallop Week not only for the exquisite culinary offerings but also for the vibrant atmosphere. The town comes alive with live music, cooking demonstrations, and seafood-themed events. Food enthusiasts have the opportunity to engage with local fishermen, gaining insight into the intricacies of scallop harvesting and the importance of sustainable fishing practices.


Beyond the culinary delights, Rye Bay Scallop Week fosters a sense of community and pride among residents and businesses alike. It serves as a platform for local artisans and producers to showcase their crafts, from handmade pottery to artisanal sauces that complement the scallop dishes perfectly.


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